Monday, May 16, 2011

cool link

After a several month hiatus I present the above link which I was in no way involved with. It is, however, pretty cool.

And in case anyone's still out there, how about another round of photos and critiques? Anyone? Who has the random number generator? I'll pick 11.



  1. Nick

    I was only thinking at the weekend that it was a shame the whole thing seems to have fizzled out. Good call to resurrect. I don't have the subject selector but hoe about, taking inspiration from your link, we go for either "stars, galaxies and the nights sky". That should give a broad enough remit to get some ideas flowing without the need for a 5million mega pixel camera ;0)

    Well I'm going to do it.


  2. I'm in. At 0.00016% of the pixels. And no doubt at a similar percentage of the cost.

    (How did that guy afford those cameras AND quit his job?)

    Meanwhile, if you read the website you'll see that the skysurvey guy stitched those 37,400 pics together with Gimp. My computer has a fit when I try to stitch 10 or so 8MP pics together. (10 is the absolute limit of my patience. Someone please tell me there is a better way to stitch photos together smoothly.)