Friday, December 17, 2010


I say chaps, anybody for some Polo ?

Shot with 500mm, set at Apperture priority at 5.6 (biggest for lens) then Focus in Servo mode to track and shutter on rapid fire.

This one I went full manual and dragged the shutter to give a panning shot.

C&C as well as abuse for going to Polo welcome.

Richard B.


  1. I particularly like the second pic - the one with a slow shutter speed and blurred background. Through skill and/or luck, the horse's eye is bang on!

    As for the others, I reckon they're too closely cropped. Either provide some space around the subjects to let them move, or else crop even tighter to emphasise part of the subject.

    Note to self: must find an excuse to shoot some horses.

    BTW, have you noticed how a galloping horse looks peculiarly awkward when one front leg is vertical and the other is extended forwards? They look much nicer with the forelegs bent, don't you agree?

  2. Skill AND Luck !
    Skill in camera settings, Servo Focus, Manual Speed and Apperture.
    Luck in pressing at right time

    None are cropped these are all straight out of camera (500mm lens) however if you get all of the sticks in frame the horses start to look a bit small to my taste.

    Always think galloping horse photos look strange, like in flight.

    Richard B.