Monday, June 28, 2010

July Topic - 'Tofu Knitting Bunny Huggers Boiling their Heads'

Hi All,

Not going to use random topic generator this time as Pauls recent comment ammused me.

So this month is thanks to Paul.
'Tofu Knitting Bunny Huggers Boiling their Heads'

You can use any all, one or what ever combination you like for inspiration.
So pictures of Tofu, Knit wear, Rabits, Boiling Water, Heads and any combinations there of etc..

Have fun and get snapping.

Richard B.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Remember me????

1st Shoes (1)

1st Shoes (2)

Yep, it's been a while! But I have a good excuse, Nick and I had a baby and I have been a little preoccupied with Motherhood. Love it though! So here is my contribution to this month's topic '1st shoes'. Being kinda obsessed with becoming a mum, you will find a pair of Jarvis's new and 1st shoes. He has rather large feet for a baby, but you would not believe this when you compare his foot size (-2) to his father's (45).

Loving our new lens too!

Nick has also asked me to post his efforts for this month while I am at it. Here he has taken the topic literally and has photographed a pair of shoes as the first item of clothing to be put on.

He has been playing with the green and red filters within monochrome settings of the camera. The difference is subtle but interesting when shooting things like skin using the green filter. Try it out, the effect is cool.

In this photo he has used a red filter.
Shoes First

Come ON !

Hi All,

I'm back so nagging again, not to late for this month "Boots".

Not even a comment on my homage from the originator :-(

For those that are still playing I'll post another topic in the next couple of days so shout if there are any more topics you want to add to (or you want taking off) the random list generator.

Current list of potentials is :-
F5.6  1/1000 what can you do with it?
Car (Singular)
Up the creek
Standing still - theme to shoot your feet in interesting locations.
Paradise by the dashboard light
Self portrait
Shooting from the hip.
Camera Phone
Slow Down
Toys at work
Burj , Al Arab or Kalifa (or opera house for the Aussies)
Side light
Night life

Richard B.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paul's SHOES. I'm a sole man...

As promised, this is a post entirely devoid of babies' bootees.

Nikon D70s
Sigma NiftiFifti
F/9.5 1/2s

Shot with available light: a desktop angle lamp to the right and low so as to produce the texture you can see.

What is it? A tyre? Part of the Holocaust memorial in Berlin? No; it's actually the sole of a Birkenstock.

Nikon D70s
Sigma NiftiFifti
F/13 1.5s

The same Birkenstock is here, this time with slightly more in frame to give the subject some, but not too much, context.

These images are the best of about 20 shots at various aperture/shutter combinations. Being so close to the subject, shallow DOF creeps in and attempting a shot at F/2.8 produced DOF so narrow as to make the picture too abstract.

See what I mean?
Nikon D70s
Sigma 50mm macro
F/4.2 1/15s

These boots are made for walking

Well here is my 'proper' shoes homework.  It is a shot of the waders the site staff have to wear on the contaminated land site I have just started working on:

 f 2.8 1/200 ISO 70

Took the camera with me to get a few shots of the diggers but the diggers didn't excite me so didn't bother, however these boots amused me.  I can just imagine Wallis say "its the wrong trousers grommet"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boots - Richards Effort. (A Homage)

Hi All,

Here's my "Boots", well actually trainers !

Canon 350D, with Sigma 50mm 1.4
- f2.5 Av
Started at 1.4 then closed to 2.5 to give some DOF as 1.4 is stupid shallow.
- 1/13sec
Shot in shadow in garden at about 2:30 so still lots of light. ND4 stops used to allow me to drag the shutter for the motion.
Apperture priority to control the DOF and then vaired the ND filters to set shutter speed.
ISO 100, but lack of light wasn't the problem.

Post Process.
Nothing massive except for the Gray conversion in photoshop (now CS4) and the B&W easily allows a mask, hence the N in red.
NO fake motion blur or DOF, for once, all is in camera.
No sharpening either, the texture in the bricks is real.

For those who can remeber this is a bit of a homage to one of the very early shots from Mr. Bell, hope you like it :-)

As always C&C welcome.

Richard B.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Shoes sillyness

A bit of sillyness to start off the months topic. Here are my shoes on their way to work enjoying the view:

All shot at f- phone, with an off board flash positioned about a million miles away to the left (the sun!!)

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Title Change

In reverence to my right honourable friend Mr Cooper and his rather pointed observation that the current title might be persived as a little narrow in breadth of remit and likely result in a swathe of 'bloody babies booties shots" I think we can expand the title to "shoes".

That should still leave scope for those so inclind to take shots of juniors foot etitre but leave scope for others to be a bit more creative.

Have fun

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Junes Title

Well folks with Ruchard away playing with boats and being a grease monkey this week I'll step up to the platform and set a title for this months homework.

Unfortunatly I don't have the titles spreadsheet with me so can't take from the proper list so I thought instead I'd steal the current title from the photofriday website:

And so ladies and gentlement your title is "first shoes".

Have fun


Ps. I am guilty of not having yet done last weeks homework but will rectify that this weekend and submit late.

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