Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Night Sky

Based on Nick's and YBOD's recent posts, "Night Sky" is the current subject. How it is interpreted is up to the photographer. Come on chaps and chapesses, time to get creative!

Please post pictures before the end of June 2011.


  1. Camera bust (big time, hot shoe penta-prism 15 deg of horizontal !, so think big drop by somebody).
    I want full frame replacement but both cannons are due for replacement and the bl00dy earthquake has stopped everything !

  2. Come come Mr Bailey, we know the best camera in the world is the one you rise to the challenge. Lets see something taken on a point and shoot, a camera phone or something else.

  3. Nikon F80 and D70s both for sale, Richard.

  4. Richard, move over to the dark know you want to!!

  5. Ha Ha Ha, laugh I ALMOST DID.

    Actually just been long term loanded a 500D so will see me okay till Full frame is sorted.

    Will seek inspiration.