Friday, December 17, 2010


I say chaps, anybody for some Polo ?

Shot with 500mm, set at Apperture priority at 5.6 (biggest for lens) then Focus in Servo mode to track and shutter on rapid fire.

This one I went full manual and dragged the shutter to give a panning shot.

C&C as well as abuse for going to Polo welcome.

Richard B.

Richard's Recent Shots

Hi All,

My turn to share some recent work (although some of you might have seen on faceache).

All shot with a three image bracket HDR, about f8 with a 10mm.
Then blended to HDR in photoshop and convert to black and white with sepia and a vignette.
Makes Bastakiya almost look old !

C&C Appreciated.


Monday, December 6, 2010

baby shots

For those given to cooing over baby photos best look away now; here are two I'm quite pleased with of Teddington:

but given I am currently sat awake because he wont go to sleep (little bugger) I guess these could be "wild things" shots

And another thing

Here are a few shots of a storm rolling in over the Lake t the bottom of our road in Warners Bay.  Does fit any title but hey ho:

Wild Things and Un-titled

'ey up all!!

It been ages since there was last any movement on Sutterbugs, and we certainly don't have an active topic that I am aware of at the moment.  Can only assume this is due to new babies, long commutes to AbuDhabi and trips to Germany.  Anyway, I thought 'd give the moss covered stone a kick and see if in was too fat to still roll.

Here are some shots for the last title I recall which was "wild things" taken last month on a trip to a local nature reserve: